EV Charging Station - Commercial 

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Manufactured in Québec.The system consists of an aluminum pole and an cable attachment. It holds the cable and allows you to stretch it to the charging port of your vehicle. When you unplug it, it returns the cable to its original position. The cable no longer hangs on the ground and makes it safer to use. It protects the cable from premature wear.


Charging station for electric vehicle, 240 Vac, from 1,5 to 11,5 kWatts with access control. Select technology RFID with card or WIFI with an App. Displaying amp and kWh. EV ultra-flexible cable of 7,5m. Industrial enclosure. Three (3) years warranty. Cable and connector holders are included. Eligible to CHARGING STATION REBATE. Canadian Standards...


Pedestal 60" in aluminum to install up two (2) charging stations. Black color. This pedestal is designed with space to add two cable retainer mechanisms.

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