About us

TechnoVE Inc. is a company operating in the field of electric vehicles (EV) and sustainable transportation. With innovation and the protection of our planet at heart, the company designs and manufactures charging systems for EVs. Our goal is to bring to the market charging terminals of 240 VAC intended for the residential as well as commercial sectors. In addition, the company continues to develop innovative new products, adding to its catalog low-power (20-30 kW) and more economical fast charging station.

The founder of the company is an engineer with a background in electronics and industrial computing. He has been passionate about electric vehicles since 2006. In the fall of 2008, he began researching electric vehicle charging system components. From there, a gas conversion project was launched. In 2013, following the submission of project plans, he obtains the approval of the engineering department of the SAAQ for the possible registration of the converted vehicle.

About charging station, it is known that within 5 years the recharging will require more power. The manufacturer Tesla Motors are already at 48 and 72 amps. Also, we would like that the station indicate the energy consumption and some other informations.

At the end of 2015, TechnoVE Inc. was founded and prototyping began. Our products are CSA certified, which is a standard that must be complied with as North American countries. In addition, all of our components operate at temperatures as low as -40 ° C. Adding to this, our connection cable to the electric vehicle remain flexible at these temperatures.