TechnoVE charging stations are certified by CSA Group, Canada's leading certification specialists.

There are two certification programs that are offered to companies by CSA Group.

1) Special certification

This certification method is limited to 500 units per year. It requires companies to provide all certifications of all components of the unit to be certified. For example, Technove provided CSA with the list of components for the charging station along with all the certification documents. A CSA inspector, after analysis, checks each unit before affixing the CSA label. Note that only a CSA inspector may affix a "Special Certification" label.

2) Factory certification

This method of certification is unlimited in quantity and can be adopted after the first 500 units. Once terminal designs and the manufacturing process have been verified by CSA, the label is factory-installed by the company. CSA inspectors conduct a factory audit four (4) times a year.

Please note that both modes of certification are accepted by the RBQ and the Government of Quebec.