DC Fast Charging Station

A fast charging station allows direct charging of the batteries in the electric vehicle. Voltage levels are of the order of 450 Volts. The output powers of these terminals are between 30kW and 150kW. Your vehicle must be equipped with a connector for this purpose. There are several international standards:

  1. CHADEMO adopted by Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kia.
  2. SAE Combo Charging System (CCS) - adopted by BMW, GM, VW and other manufacturers.
  3. Supercharger from Tesla.

TechnoVE develops a fast charging system that can be adapted to the current of 240Vac. The goal is to build a 30 kWatt affordable fast charging station that can be installed at lower cost. At 30 kWatts of power, one hour of recharge will give about 150 to 200 km of autonomy. Available at the end of 2018.